Burning Rock Biotech highlights breast cancer study using its genomic profiling test
Precision oncology firm Burning Rock Biotech on Thursday announced that its genomic profiling test, OncoScreen Plus, was used in a phase III multiregional breast cancer clinical trial, alongside Foundation Medicine's FoundationOneCDx. Read More
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Seer expand collaboration to broaden access to mass-spec proteomics
Life sciences proteomics firm Seer on Wednesday announced an expanded collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific. Read More
FDA updates recommendations to modernize design, conduct of clinical trials
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday released a draft guidance document with updated recommendations for good clinical practices aimed at modernizing the design and conduct of clinical trials. Read More
Metagenomics study finds antibiotic resistance genes are widespread among bacteria
Genes that make bacteria resistant to antibiotics are more widespread in our environment than was previously realized. Read More
BioCentriq, Kytopen expand partnership on cell therapy manufacturing technology
BioCentriq, a contract development and manufacturing organization specializing in cell therapy, and Kytopen, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology-based startup, on Tuesday announced that they are expanding their partnership. Read More
Researchers identify genomic variants for rare genetic skin disorder
Researchers used genome sequencing to identify the genomic variants that cause disabling pansclerotic morphea, a rare and serious inflammatory skin disorder. The results, published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine, may point the way to a treatment, the researchers said. Read More
Deep sequencing captures genetic variants for vascular anomalies
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) researchers found that deep sequencing of the genome in the tissue samples and cell-free DNA of patients with potentially life-threatening vascular anomalies revealed genetic variants previously not captured by conventional genetic sequencing methods. The research, published Thursday in the journal Nature Medicine, led to improvements in over 60% of the patients placed on targeted therapies related to these newly found genetic variants. Read More
Single-cell RNA sequencing data reveals T cells linked to cancer immunotherapy resistance
Single-cell RNA sequencing data has revealed an immune signature associated with non-responses to checkpoint inhibitors that may be a driver of resistance to immunotherapy. Read More
Gene editing tool may reduce antimicrobial resistance spread
A tool that could help reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance shows early promise. In an article published Thursday in Microbiology, researchers describe the use of CRISPR technology to eliminate resistance in a wide range of bacteria. Read More
Illumina CEO remains on the board, chairman is voted out
Illumina shares traded on the Nasdaq rose more than 2% Friday morning to $197.63, a day after the firm's shareholders voted out Chairman John Thompson. Read More
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