NCI awards $4.2M to Mount Sinai to create Proteogenomic Data Analysis Center
July 13, 2022 -- The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has awarded $4.2 million over five years to Mount Sinai researchers to establish a Proteogenomic Data Analysis Center to advance cancer research and treatments. Read More
Researchers target protein to hasten search for next COVID-19 antiviral
July 13, 2022 -- A new approach to identifying molecules that interfere with the protein nsp13 could speed up the search for the next COVID-19 antiviral and lead to development of pan-coronavirus antivirals. Read More
Researchers identify which mice not to use for sickle cell disease studies
July 11, 2022 -- Researchers in Memphis, TN, have learned why certain mice die when testing new gene-based therapies for sickle cell disease and encourage scientists to carefully consider the genetics of the mice they are using to study human diseases. Read More
2-step molecular strategy spots HIV-1
July 11, 2022 -- Scripps Research scientists and collaborators have discovered the innate immune system uses a two-step molecular strategy to detect HIV-1, even when the virus is present in very small amounts. Read More
Researchers develop 'wise counsel' for biological systems
July 11, 2022 -- Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology created Machine Learning Guided Experimental Trials for Improvement of Systems, a modular software system for optimizing biological systems. Read More
Mini kidneys reveal secrets of tuberous sclerosis complex
July 7, 2022 -- Researchers from Ottawa, Ontario have discovered which cells cause tumors in patients with tuberous sclerosis complex by creating genetically engineered kidney organoids, or “mini kidneys” grown from human tissue. Read More
Scientists able to visualize mRNA molecules in brains of living mice
July 6, 2022 -- A team of researchers has developed a new imaging technique that gives scientists a real-time view into mRNA synthesis and gene expression in the brain of a mouse while it is still alive. Read More
Ga. researchers combine DNA barcoding, target sequencing
July 5, 2022 -- Researchers in Georgia have developed a system to make preclinical nanoparticle studies more predictive that combines DNA barcoding with a multiomic nanoparticle delivery system called single-cell nanoparticle targeting-sequencing. Read More
Certain gene protects against dementia in mice
July 5, 2022 -- Researchers in Japan discovered that the gene p62 plays a neuroprotective role in mice models of dementia by eliminating and thus preventing the aggregation of oligomeric tau species in the brain according to an article published in the journal Aging Cell. Read More
Study: 2 genes may lead to intellectual disability expression
July 5, 2022 -- Researchers at the University of Buffalo found that a convergent mechanism involving two genes may be responsible for how autism spectrum disorder/intellectual disability develop. Read More
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